May 24, 2020

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Nashville Name History
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About Nashville

Dateline of Significant Historical Events

1779-1780: Fort Nashborough founded at the Great French Lick on the Cumberland River in the winter of 1779-1780 by James Roberson and John Donelson. Named in honor of the Revolutionary War general Francis Nash.

1784: Name changes to Nashville.

1796: Tennessee becomes the 16th state of the Union. The name Tennessee is derived from a Cherokee variant of a Creek word, the precise meaning of which remains uncertain, although there is evidence it meant "bend in the river" or "meeting place." Bill Baker has an excellent essay on the word's origins.

1806: Nashville incorporates. NHN Web Site offers essays on early Nashville.

1843: Nashville becomes permanent state capital of Tennessee.

1861: June 8 Tennessee secedes from the Union.

1862: Feb. 16 fall of Fort Donelson leads to the capture and occupation of Nashville by Union forces. Battle of Nashville Preservation Society presents Civil War information on the Occupation.

1864: Dec. 15-16 Battle of Nashville in which Confederate General John Bell Hood fails to retake the city.

1866: July 24 Tennessee re-admitted to Union.

Population Information

The U.S. Census 2000 provides these vital statistics on Nashville:

Area of land: 502 square miles
Persons per square mile:
1,134.6 (TN total): 138.0 per sq. mile
Population: 565,352
White persons by percentage: 67.0%
Black or African American persons by percentage: 25.9%
American Indian and Alaska Native persons by percentage: 0.3%
Asian persons by percentage: 2.3%
Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander by percentage: 0.1%
Persons reporting some other race by percentage: 2.4%
Persons reporting two or more races by percentage: 2.0%
Persons of Hispanic or Latino origin by percentage: 4.6%
White persons, not of Hispanic/Latino origin by percentage: 65.1%

Geographic Information

Area of land: 502 square miles
Latitude north of the equator: 36 9' 57"
Longitude west of the prime meridian: 86 47" 4"
(Source: World Almanac)
highest point is 1,100 ft.
lowest point is 400 ft.
(Source: Nashville Chamber of Commerce)
Time Zone:
Central Time Zone



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